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ReSol Systems is Rebranding the LabExpert Product Line to QCSFusion

SOUTHAMPTON, PA – October 11, 2014                                                   Effective immediately



ReSol Systems is pleased to announce a product name change.  Our existing LabExpert® product line is now called QCSFusion.  QCS stands for Quality Compliance Systems, while Fusion represents the seamless integration of our customizable and comprehensive set of quality and compliance software modules.  The LabExpert® name will continue to be associated with our Laboratory Management System, while QCSFusion encompasses our quality and compliance products.  The new name more clearly represents our Electronic Quality Management System product line and will eliminate any confusion that is associated with LabExpert products that are intended for use in the laboratory.


About ReSol Systems


ReSol Systems is a leading global provider of IT solutions in automation of Quality Management processes and laboratory data collection systems.  ReSol Systems software is in use by customers worldwide, helping companies to maintain quality and regulatory compliance.  ReSol Systems helps companies bring internal processes and end products up to the highest standards for quality and compliance.


PR Contact:

Tel: +1 855-879-5223

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