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ReSol Systems - QCSFusion Integrated Platform

The QCSFusion system automates and controls the tracking and management of compliance-related activities, providing you with confidence that your company meets industry standards.


Our software consists of integrated modules that offer efficiency and customization. These modules reliably support quality and compliance for a range of tasks across the organization.


The QCSFusion system tracks, organizes and synchronizes all compliance-related activities and documents. The customizable nature of QCSFusion , allows the software to be modified to meet your organization’s unique compliance requirements and processes in a cost-effective manner.


QCSFusion is designed to be fully compliant with FDA, ISO and GMP regulations and standards.

ReSol Systems QCSFusion Suite

QCSFusion Suite Modules

ReSol Systems - QCSFusion Document Management
QCSFusion Document Management

The QCSFusion Documents Management System organizes documents according to the department in which they were initiated. Subfolders can be used to further categorize documents within each department. User access can be assigned so that users only have access to relevant documents...

ReSol Systems - QCSFusion CAPA

QCSFusion’s CAPA module allows a user to reject or approve CAPAs, view corrective action status, designate responsibilities to users, detect trends and effectiveness and attach or link files. The system will send email alerts notifying members of the workflow status throughout the process...


ReSol Systems - QCSFusion Deviations
QCSFusion Deviations

Deviations may occur during manufacturing, analytical testing, product distribution etc. In FDA and ISO regulated environments, a deviation from written procedures and specifications must be documented, investigated or justified, as well as approved by the Quality unit...

ReSol Systems - QCSFusion Complaint Management
QCSFusion Complaint Management

An effective Product Complaint Management system is a critical component in the pharmaceutical industry from compliance, regulatory and business perspectives. Prompt action following costumer complaints is critical. Therefore, managing product complaints from initiation through resolution is a necessity...

ReSol Systems - QCSFusion Change Control
QCSFusion Change Control

In FDA-regulated and ISO-certified environments, companies are required to control changes to documents and processes. Detailed records must be kept during the change control process, which makes an automated system essential...

ReSol Systems - QCSFusion Learning Management System
QCSFusion Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) is a fully validated and compliant online training and certification solution that enables pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to train, track, and credential personnel. The Learning Management System can create a seamless, automated, organized, and intuitive virtual learning environment...

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